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SMS - mailings for your business

AlphaSMS has developed a unique text recognition and voice reading system for your client.

Prices for services

We are in numbers

15 years

In the mobile marketing market


Supported operators

1 million

SMS per day

10 000+

Satisfied customers

Our services Our services

Convenient personal account




Address Book


Best prices

Flexible pricing for different business areas

Fast Send Speed

Bandwidth of channels over 1000 sms per second

2-way SMS

Chats and two-way communication with the client


Quick solution of all problems by phone, chat, email

User-friendly interface

Mailing via web interface, program or mobile application

Ready modules for CRM and CMS

Integrations with over 50 leading CRM systems

Full automation of mailings

Set up groups, sender names and API connection

Protection of your data

Data is transmitted using an encrypted protocol

API Support

We provide comprehensive solutions for different programming languages to integrate our modules into your projects

Developer Documentation


"auth": "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789",
 "data": [
   "type": "sms",
   "id": 100501,
   "phone": 380971234567,
   "sms_signature": "SMSTest",
   "sms_message": "Text of the message to send via SMS"


"auth": "abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789",
 "data": [
  "type": "viber+sms",
  "id": 100502,
  "phone": 380971234568,
  "sms_signature": "SMSTest",
  "sms_message": "Text of the message to send via SMS",
  "viber_type": "text+image+link",
  "viber_message": "Text of the message to send via Viber"

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What is SMS distribution for?

Bulk SMS Service: sending SMS in Ukraine and worldwide

AlphaSMS company is the leader on the SMS advertising market in Ukraine and European countries. Our company provides mobile marketing and non-voice information services, we ntroduce mobile technologies into the development of your business. 

Benefits of SMS distribution

Out company is customer oriented and this is the basic for fruitfull cooperation. We offer:

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