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a technology that allows you to send SMS with the addition of photos/videos/buttons and create chats, only with Android devices.


What is RCS

RCS (Rich Communications Services) is a protocol from Google supported by the GSMA since 2008 for messaging between Android devices.

  • Only supported on Android devices
  • Works through the built-in SMS messenger from the factory
  • Supports multimedia sharing (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Works via Internet and mobile communication
  • Available for both p2p exchange and a2p messaging
  • p2p has been operating in Ukraine since the 3rd quarter of 2020

Requirements for the content of messages

  • Filling: text, media, action button.
  • Action button: URL or phone number
  • Message Orientation: Horizontal
  • Recommended media aspect ratio: 2:1, 16:9, 7:3
  • Examples of extensions for multimedia files: 1280x720, 1440x720, 1680x720
  • Supported file types:
    Image: jpeg, jpg, gif, png
    Video: h263, m4v, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, webm
  • Recommended file size: images - 2 MB, videos - 10 MB
  • The number of characters in one message is 1000
Benefits for business
RCS business messages are sent to the Messages application installed on all Android smartphones, so subscribers can receive them without additional settings
50% higher conversion
for regular SMS
Message with images and video
contracts with telecommunication operators and contracts with telecom companies and services
Action buttons
to instantly go to the site or make a call
Detailed reports
about sending a message
Functional capabilities of AlphaSMS when sending messages to the RCS channel:
Ability to use WEB interface or API
Sending messages to different channels simultaneously
Parameterized and personalized mailings
Generation of short links and analysis of the number of clicks
Preview the message before sending
Sending the newsletter
according to the schedule
Large capacity of the platform and the ability to send instant messages to a large number of recipients

RCS capabilities

Message with auto-reply
Business information
Pictures and videos
URL action button and phone number button

Recommendations and Best Practices

  • Create unique messages instead of dry text messages in SMS
  • Add interesting images and videos
  • Use emoji in the text
  • Use parameterized mailings to personalize messages
  • Divide the text into paragraphs and indent them
  • Measure the conversion after each mailing