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Customer Support and Business Mailing via Whatsapp App

Be always in touch and send important notifications to your customers. Automate customer service and communication. Reduce your conversion cost.

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Scan QR code or add number +1 585 2135859 to your contact list and write “Hello” in Whatsapp app

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Convenient and simple

Make your customers' lives easier - communicate with them in your favorite application

Chatbots and Notification Automation. Always be in touch!

Introduce new self-service capabilities with chatbots and automate customer interactions.

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Customer Support

Provide personalized customer support across multiple chats at the same time

Interactive notifications

Drive sales and customer communication

Get attention and get instant feedback. Use clickable buttons to get more conversions: survey responses, website visits, store purchases, channel subscriptions.

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Ways of connection and integration

Integrate the WhatsApp Business API into your existing system and take advantage of all business opportunities with WhatsApp

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Support at all stages

Our team is always ready to help you on all issues of connecting and integrating a new communication channel.


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Give your business a new breath by communicating with customers through the Whatsapp

Using WhatsApp via AlphaSMS includes a one-time service activation fee and flexible tariffication depending on the volume, which starts from 2,000 active channel users per month.

Start using the Whatsapp Business API today
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Brand awareness

Mailings on behalf of your company. Attach your logo to let customers recognize your brand. Business profile of the company

Various ways to attract customers

Promote engagement using buttons or QR codes at different entry points: your website and / or app, advertisements that lead to WhatsApp

Real-time statistics and reports

Get insights into interactions to build the right communication with your customers. Track when messages are delivered and viewed. Analyze the results of interactions.

Creating chat bots

More features with automated answers to frequently asked questions. Create a chatbot that will answer the most asked questions right in WhatsApp, with the ability to connect with support managers without losing your chat history.

Keep all communication with clients in one place

Manage all Whatsapp messages from the AlphaSMS workspace. Here you have access to the history of correspondence, customer profiles, message templates.

And much more!
How the service works

verifying the Facebook Business Manager profile


get a business account on Whatsapp


confirm the phone number


registering message templates


launching mailing lists for the client base

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Scenarios for using Whatsapp for your business
Successful registration notifications - send welcome messages for new users
Loyalty program notifications - help your clients use the accumulated bonuses
Financial Transaction Notifications - inform your clients about any changes and balances on their balance sheets
Delivery Tracking - keep customers informed of the delivery process and the arrival time of the package
Send invoices - deliver invoices to customers on time
Optimize your call center - Reduce customer response latency by enabling Whatsapp chat
Create a Self-Service Chatbot - provide necessary information to customers 24/7 using a chatbot
Service notifications - confirmation of the entry, informing about the order, delivery status, working hours
Personalized mailings - Recommendations for products and services based on the customer's previous purchases
Promotion of sales - a reminder about payment, unpaid items in the cart, incomplete registration, etc.
Feedback - customer service quality control
Promo offers - informing about promotions, bonus offers