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Quick tips for the most effective SMS advertising.

Now SMS mailing is one of the most effective tools for direct contact with potential customers. But SMS advertising is a little more difficult than sending a message to a friend, so we want to tell you how to organize SMS marketing with maximum efficiency: how to use the mechanisms for composing messages, how to calculate the optimal mailing time and get the most out of SMS advertising, if there is no desire or budget to overpay for a professional campaign

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Advice №1

Use keywords to show the benefits of the offer

Using keywords, you focus on the information that will interest your client. It is important that the keywords not only describe the offer, but show its benefits to the consumer. Therefore, the above example can be supplemented with something like “dinner will cost half the price” (if it is a market or grocery store).

Example, 18:45
«Only for you! From 18.08 to 21.09 show this SMS at the checkout and get up to -50% discount!»

Advice №2

Keep messages short and clear

Most recipients do not open the full SMS if the information received from the notification does not interest them (usually the first sentence), not to mention the restrictions on the size of the message itself. Therefore, try to fit as much as possible into the text only important sentences and understandable abbreviations of words - the percentage of water in the text should be approximately the same as in Western Sahara. And don't forget, the first line of your message is like a headline for a news - if it doesn't catch on, then the rest of the content will automatically go into the furnace!


Example 1

Wrong — little specifics, a lot of water

Today, 14:47
TestName Hello dear customer! Our company has been operating for more than five years and successfully produces concrete structures, metal structures, sells concrete mixers, bricks, dump trucks ... ... and blah blah
blah, which reaches as the second message because characters were not enough.

Example 2

Wrong — Discounts up to 25% follow the link It doesn't matter that you don't know what's on it. Go look, suddenly you like it.

Today, 17:53
little information, it is not clear what the offer is about

Example 3

Correct — what you need!

Today, 18:25
BuildCompany Top quality construction and renovation products at attractive prices. Details by number 050-000-00-00

Advice №3

A person must immediately understand what they want from him or offer.

For some reason, many business owners are sure that messages in the Latin alphabet look solid, serious, and even those who have not studied the Cyrillic alphabet can read them. But Russian words in Latin letters are a relic of the early 2000s. Now the Latin alphabet is used only by some mobile operators, and even then not always, do you often read such messages? Think about the comfort of your client, will it be convenient for him at work or in a taxi to read your message in Latin? Well, and hardly a foreign tourist, having read “ekskursiji v Kieve, nedorogo”, will understand what they want from him.

And even if you use Cyrillic, try to avoid technical concepts, jargon and other less common words or terms with an incomprehensible meaning.



From TestName, 09:02
V vashem gorode segodnya prohodit yarmarka po adresu Kreshchatik, 1.


From Yarmarka, 12:35
There is a fair in your city at the address: Khreshchatyk, 1. We invite you. Details by phone. 050-000-00-00


Today, 08:04
TestName Discounts up to 50%, have time to buy before the end of the month at Prospect Mira, 2.


Today, 18:45
BeautySalon Elena, our team congratulates you on your birthday and gives you a 15% discount on the selected service. Tel. 050-000-00-00

Advice №4

Get to know your clients. No, not on Badoo

When a client comes to you, you may not know anything about him, except for their phone number and the fact that they have subscribed to SMS mailing, and this is not enough to sell your product to someone. You can receive additional data by conducting SMS polls or compose questionnaires in advance to collect contacts, taking into account the necessary parameters - gender, age, city, etc.

Why is it so important? A personal offer in an SMS message increases the average check by more than 11%, which entails an increase in sales by more than 18%. The main thing here is to choose the right words so that the person who wants to issue the newsletter does not think that your company is a poorly disguised North Korean intelligence service that is trying to get him a quick loan.

Advice №5

Consider the time and frequency of the mailings. Don't bother!

Optimize the time for sending SMS, taking into account the best moment for providing information (before the start of the promotion or when the offer is already valid) and the convenience of its processing by the reader - if you send a message in the middle of a working day or late in the evening, the recipient will most likely simply flick away the notification ...

The best time to send SMS is from 11:00 to 21:00 on weekdays! Remember the time zone as well if your mailings go outside your country.

We recommend that you refrain from mailings on weekends and holidays, giving your client a quiet rest. Otherwise, your SMS will become a constant irritant and the only desire they will cause is to download a blocker to add your phone there.


Advice №6

Set up Two-Way Communication

When sending a message, be sure to indicate your contact, by calling that the client can get all the necessary information, make his first order or just talk about life if he has extra time.

You can also use the mailing list with the reply function enabled, if your work format and offer allows you to process incoming messages (do not forget to indicate this in the message itself). So the client can immediately find out all the missing information for making a decision, and you can present this information in the right light.



Today, 08:04
TestName Pizza delivery in Oslo. Ave Lilu, 16


Today, 18:45
Pizza Only today when ordering one large Margarita pizza - a small one as a gift. "Details by number" 050-000-00-00 or "To confirm the order send SMS with the number 1"

Advice №7

Send SMS from a recognizable Sender ID

A short, logical alpha name is addictive to the client and will easily recognize you next time. Remember that numbers or phone numbers can be less effective than easy-to-remember names. Examples of common names are provided in the examples in this manual.

If you specify the name of the company or TM as the name, it will help to raise brand awareness. Well, if you make a newsletter dedicated to seasonal discounts or holidays, you can always turn from YourCompanyName Ltd. to Santa Claus, and in general choose any other name that fits into the overall brand, makes you smile or draw attention to yourself.