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Interactive USSD service for any mobile devices

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a standard service in GSM networks. This long term means a simple application with a user-friendly interface, available for use on any mobile device.

USSD provides an interactive connection between the connector and the application, as well as the ability to communicate quickly and two-way with your customers.

How does it work?

USSD via a mobile communication channel through sessions or “dialogues”, during which the subscriber interacts with the application, selecting the desired menu items.

Menus and services can be easily created and customized based on the needs of your company based on the API.

USSD technology does not require installation of additional software on your mobile device or SIM card. A session can be initiated as a subscriber, for example, via SMS, a dummy call to a web pre-trigger, or a USSD shortcode.

USSD service of AlfaSMS company

USSD service of AlfaSMS company is a stable solution, developed taking into account the many years of experience of our technical specialists in the telecommunications services market, providing high level of security and answers to requests in various fields of industry and business.

AlfaSMS USSD service can be integrated into any server system, regardless of your field of activity.

What makes AlfaSMS USSD a successful product?

USSD Applications

The list of areas in which USSD technology can be used is unlimited, but today the following areas can be calculated: < / p>

financial sector, transport industry, entertainment industry and the influence of media and marketing.

Financial sector

Transport and logistics

Media, marketing and social networks < /strong>

< P>USSD can take your mobile business to the next level with the ability to introduce new services and attract new customers with this flexible and reliable technology.


  1. Mobile subscribers quickly respond to USSD messages, since this service is convenient and accessible everywhere and always - from any mobile device.
  2. USSD, which includes many different applications, is a simple, fast, convenient and cost-effective communication channel.
  3. This is a service that is guaranteed to provide your company with a tool for solving such simple tasks as:

Cost services determined individually upon written request to

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